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Britain’s favourite - “Traditional Yorkshire Fish & Chips brought to your street!”

Our Food

We are very passionate about our produce and the way we cook. We are proud to say along with our regular customers that these are NOT JUST ANY “Fish & Chips!”...

HaddockAtlantic caught and traditionally cooked pure white fish 

Our premium fresh haddock is MSC Certified and is fished from sustainable waters in the North East Atlantic. We only use the very best fish purveyors to maintain the high quality of each individual fillet we serve.

Our freshly prepared golden crispy batter enhances the fresh flavour of the pure white fish, resulting in a gourmet experience for the palate. Delightfully tasty and fresh!

Chips - Fresh double cooked Real Chips

Our chips are firstly blanched and then freshly cooked for you to be a proper tasty chip. Light and fluffy on the inside, crispy and golden on the outside. Deliciously Moorish!

Combine them both together for the best invention ever...
”Fish & Chips!”


Jumbo Pork Sausage - 70% Irish pork with a meaty texture

Our classic sausage has a superb taste so if you're looking to have something a bit different, give them a try!

Mushy Peas - Bursting with flavour and texture

Our mushy peas are bursting with flavour and offer the ideal accompaniment to our delicious fish and chips.

Curry Sauce - Nice and spicy with a bit of a kick!

Our curry sauce is a great side for those that like to add  a zing to their food!

Educate yourself...

Fish & Chips are good for you!

The healthiest take away food and 

"All natural ingredients!"